Knowing More About Intermodal Transportation

10 Oct

There is a great need for a smooth shipment of products from one place to another, and hence the reason behind the high growth of logistics in many parts of the world.  Transportation generally promotes efficiency and cost reduction.  Over the last few years, intermodal transportation has greatly taken over many parts of the world and enhanced the smooth supply chain in many organizations.  Intermodal transportation describes the linkage between two or more modes of transport.  For more understanding of what intermodal transportation is, I would encourage you to go through the various forms or types of intermodal transportation and what they entail.  Here are common types of intermodal transportation that can increase your knowledge about general intermodal transportation. For info, do check out

The first category of intermodal transportation is the piggy back transportation. Piggy back is a form of intermodal transportation where goods are transferred either from the rail to the road or vice versa. Fishy back is the other type of intermodal transportation that is very popular during the exportation of cargo by water, and in this form of intermodal transportation, water ship and trucks are combined for a smooth transportation of cargo. The third type of intermodal transportation is known as train ship, which involves linkage of water and rail transportation.  The last type of intermodal transportation is known as air truck, which is the combination of road and air transportation. You can check out your options at

Intermodal transportation has become very popular around the world as many individuals and organizations transporting their goods have realized the benefits and advantages it comes with. The following discussion will help you understand some few benefits and advantages associated with intermodal transportation. There is great flexibility in the switching of goods from one mode of transport to another, unlike when using only one mode of transport entirely. The high level of flexibility offered by the intermodal transportation ensures that the needs and requirements of the cargo owners are maximally met and satisfied.  The transportation of cargo either by air, train, water or even by road for long distances costs a lot of cash compared to when the cargo is switched from one mode of transport to another while in transit, thus making intermodal transportation very cheap and affordable to many individuals and organizations. Intermodal transportation has also become a very good solution for overcoming various geographical and physical barriers like terrains, hills, valleys and others, and a good example of an intermodal transportation that can help you easily overcome the physical barriers is the air truck. The other benefit of intermodal transportation is enhancing a proper breakdown of goods into small units for convenient and fast transportation.  Lastly, intermodal transportation promotes safe transportation of products.  Check out shipping tips here:

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